MOL Forms

Report Forms

Codes for Fighter Links 6/23/2019 

Event Report Form 4/24/2019 

Fighter AEL Handouts

Verification of Authorization Form 10/2022

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Sign In Forms

Authorization Sign-in Form 2/25/2019

Armored Combat Field Sign-in Form 2/25/2019 

Field Staff Sign-in Form 4/24/2019 

Rapier Combat Field Sign-in For 12/04/2022 

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Links go to SCA Corporate Posted Waivers

Adult Waiver Form

Adult Roster Waiver Form

SCA Document Library Site for Waivers in case Corporate links to the forms fail.

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Minor Paperwork

Minor Authorization Procedures 7/1/14 

Minor Authorization Form 7/1/14 

Medical Authorization for Minors with Combat Delegation Form 1/28/08

The following links direct to the SCA Corporate posted forms.

Minor Waiver Form

Family Minor Waiver Form (for multiple children in one family)

Medical Authorization for Minors with Notary: Preferred form in USA.

Medical Authorization for Minors Form

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Youth Paperwork

Youth Parent Instructions to add to database 10/05/19

Youth Authorization Procedures 4/24/19

Youth Armored Combat Sign-in 12/1/18

Youth Rapier Combat Sign-in 12/1/18 

Youth Verification of Authorization Form 12/01/2018 

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Equestrian Waivers and Forms

The Waiver Forms applicable in Atlantia can be found on the following Pages of this document:

Standard Eq Waiver (for MD & DC)    Page  2

GA State-specific Eq Waiver               Page 11

NC State-specific Eq Waiver               Page 32

SC State-specific Eq Waiver               Page 39

VA State-specific Eq Waiver               Page 45

Equestrian Forms:

Equestrian Field Sign-In Form 2/25/2019 

Equestrian Course Master Score Sheet

Equestrian Multiple Game Forms

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Tournament Forms

Elimination Tournament Forms

Single Elimination 8

Single Elimination 16

Single Elimination 32

Double Elimination 8 Double Elimination 8 with Challenge In

Double Elimination 16 Double Elimination 16 with Challenge In

Double Elimination 32 Double Elimination 32 with Challenge In

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Non-Elimination Tournament Forms

Bear Pit Score Sheet Portrait

Bear Pit Score Sheet Landscape

Bedford Points Tournament Score Sheets

Magic Tourney

New Round Robin (12) Sheet & Directions

Thank you Baron Paganus!

Old Round Robin Score Sheet

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